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Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions

Cost Effective · High Performance · Pricing for High Volume Application · High Value Return

Si-Novation Technology and Application Overview

Market Leading Functionalised Materials Technology based on extensive market experience

 Materials based on Silica Framework and designed novel optimum Functional Group for Application 

 Designed Functionalised Groups for the Application.

 Market Leading cost Performance Products.

 Extensive Product Portfolio from simple to complex structures

Silica Framework Benefits

Application Designed Functional Groups

Solid rigid structure

Surface area - high & good access

High Thermal and Physical Stability

High Purity

Solvent Capability - high; No Swelling needed

Designed for Application

Optimum Functional Groups for performance

Multiple binding modes

Target Selective - no customer product loss

High Target Capacity

Selective Removal of Target Impurities

The product                is not absorbed or bound - no product loss

Application and Operation

  • Simple well know processes

  • Easy to implement

  • Low Cost Equipment

  • Equipment Long life & low maintenance


  • Manufacture Partnerships with Companies with > 20 years manufacturing Functionalised Materials - supply security ensured

  • Product Purity 

  • Quality Ensured

  • Fast Response

  • Stock Held

  • Cost Effective

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Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions

Purification · Removal & Recovery · Other Applications

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