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Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions

Cost Effective · High Performance · Pricing for High Volume Application · High Value Return

About Us


Innovative Functionalised Silica Materials Platform Technology

Si-Novation's European team have 20+ years experience in delivering Scavenger-Solutions for:

  • Purification of pharmaceutical and biological compounds;

  • Removal and subsequent recycling of Precious Metals from chemical processes;

  • Recovery of Precious Metals and Gold from mining streams;

  • Removal of toxic metals from the environment; as well as

  • New heterogeneous catalysis and;

  • Solid Phase Extraction materials.  


Customer Focus delivering cost effective Scavenger-Solutions

Continual Improvement of Market Leading Technology

Si-Novation’s philosophy of continuous innovation leads to the evolution of even more cost effective and better  performance Scavenger-Solutions for a positive business impact.


Marketing & Technical Centres - Dublin, Ireland

The team behind Si-Novation has extensive knowledge and market experience (20+ years) in the invention of functionalised materials, process development as well as implementation of these materials & processes in pharmaceutical, chemical and mining industries to provide high performance and cost effective solutions.  

Innovation for Business Impact

Continual Product and Application Innovation for existing and future customers


Market Need

Better cost effective products and processes to meet current and future demands for:

  • Increasingly higher product purity;

  • Greater recovery and reuse of limited resources such as Gold, Precious Metals and Toxic Metals;

  • Reduced levels of toxins in the environment;

  • Alternative chemical technology such as heterogeneous catalysis to reduce energy usage and waste.  

Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions

Si-Novation has designed a new generation of novel highly complex functionalised materials to provide Cost Effective Scavenger-Solutions for a wide range of industries.

This advanced novel technology is based on knowledge and market experience in the research, development and application of functionalised silica materials across a range of today's industry sectors.


Manufacture partnerships with companies > 20 years making Functionalised Materials

Ensures and delivers Product Quality, Rapid Response and Confidentiality

Si-Novation Products are developed and manufactured in close cooperation with experienced  manufacturing partners allowing rapid tailoring and development of materials to give enhanced performance to specific challenges. This infrastructure and team knowledge and expertise provides significant benefits as ensuring consistent product quality, greater flexibility and responsiveness to meet customer demands and confidentiality.

Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions

Purification · Removal & Recovery · Other Applications

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