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Product Purification

Precious Metal Recovery

Gold & Precious Metals Mining & Refining

Target Purity Achieved – Recover Valued

Simple Cost Effective Technology

  • Pd to <<1 ppm; up to 150 g Pd/kg Scavenger

  • Rh to <<1 ppm; Recover >99% value

  • Ru, Pt and Ir catalysts to <1 ppm

  • Other metals to < 1 ppm, high loading

  • Na, Li, Ca, Mg, Cu, Co, Mn, Fe, Zn and more

  • Organic impurities removed, 


         Product, Process and Waste Streams

         No loss of High Value Product

         Pharma, Bio-Tech, Electronic, High Value Products

To <<1 ppm & >99% Metal & Value Recovered

  • Rh Hydroformylation Catalysts to <0.001 ppm

  • Pt Hydrosilylation to <1 ppm, high Pt loading

  • Pd – C-C coupling, Reduction etc <<1 ppm

  • Ir catalysts to <0.01 ppm

  • Selective Low Au concentration removal

         Cost Effective Scavenger Performance

           - All Precious Metals

         Scavenger removes all metal species present

         Product, Process and Waste Streams

         Effective in all solvents & strong acid

To <<1 ppm & >99% Metal Recovered

Pd, Pt, Rh, Ir and Ru to <<1 ppm with

    high metal loading

  • >99% selectivity over Cu, Fe, Ni, Zn etc

  • Trace Au in mining streams recovered

         Very stable to high acid

Metal Recovery and Purification

Cost Effective Scavengers for most metals

Cu, Ni, Zn, Fe, Mn, VO, Pb, As etc to < 1 ppm

High Target Selectivity 

  • Thallium Removal 

  • Selective Zn removal from Co and Ni salts

  • Selective Co removal from Co/ Ni Streams

  • Selective Cu removal

Free Test Samples and Further Information

Pd Scavenger MMS-31 – fast kinetics, > 150 g Pd/kg Scavenger

Rh Scavenger MMT-21 – to <0.01 ppm; > 99% metal & value recovered 

Scavenger HBC-11 - selective separation of Co from Ni

Scavenger HBC-12 - selective separation of Zn from Co/Ni

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