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Business Applications

Scavenger-Solutions for all Product, Process & Waste Streams across all Industries  

Product Purification

Precious Metal Recovery

Metal Removal


Solid Catalysts

Metal Removal & Recovery

Organic Compound Removal & Recovery

Highly Efficient Metal Value Recovery

Designed for Optimum Cost Effective Performance, Realistic Pricing

Technology Implementation - Simple, Quick, Low Cost

Product Purification

Metals and organic impurities to < 1 ppm or lower

No Product Loss or Impurity Introduction 

Precious Metal Recovery - very high % of Metal Value recovered from Used Scavenger

Electronic Chemicals - Precious Metals and Li, Na, K. Mg, Ca, Fe, Cu etc to < 1 ppm

Performance and Fine Chemicals - Cost Effective Metal and Organic Impurities removal

Product Purification to meet Regulatory & Performance Requirements

Precious Metal Recovery

Selective capture of Precious Metal & Gold from Product, Process and Waste Streams

PGMs and Au captured to < 1 ppm with > 99% Metal & Value Recovery

Cost Effective Scavenger Process straightforward to implement with low environmental impact

Significant commercial, operational and environmental benefits and on-site operation

Recovery of Precious Metal & Gold from Product, Process and Waste Streams

Hydroformylation - Rhodium

Hydrosilylation - Platinum

Carbon-Carbon & Carbon-Nitrogen Coupling - Palladium & Rhodium

Hydrogenation - Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium

Oxidations, Rearrangements, Protection/De-protection -  Palladium, Platinum

Precious Metal Catalysts Manufacture - capture of catalyst residues from Process Streams

Gold and Platinum from Highly Acidic Process & Washing Streams

PGMs Recovery from Streams generated from Pyrometallurgical and Hydrometallurgical Treatments

Pd, Pt and Rh recovery from Acidic Aqueous Plating & Washing Solutions

Efficient PGMs & Au Recovery from Acidic, Aqueous & Organic Streams

Selective recovery of Palladium in acidic solution with high concentrations of Base Metals 

Selective recovery of Platinum from acidic solutions including reverse aqua regia

Ruthenium and Iridium from Organic Plating and Washing Solutions

Selective Platinum recovery over high concentrations of Tin, Copper and/or Nickel

Mining & Refining

Low ppm PGMs & Au in the presence of high concentration other metals

Low ppm Gold, Palladium and Platinum from Gold Processes Streams

Platinum and Palladium from a nitric acid Silver Refining Solution

Precious Metals from Nickel/Copper Mining and Refining streams

Gold through Separation of Gold/Copper Process Stream

Selective PGMs & Au Recovery from Mining & Refining Streams

Si-Novation Technology efficiently meets current and future demand on

  • Stricter enforcement of discharge limits

  • Increasingly tighter environmental regulatory requirements

Continuous innovation ensures Cost Effective High Performance Solutions for Now and into the Future

Scavengers for Ni, Cu, Cr and Fe achieving < 0.1 ppm 

New Application -

Selective Thallium Removal from SCR Catalysts 

Scavenger-Solutions available for metals highlighted 

Environmental Scavenger-Solutions

Solid (Heterogeneous) Catalyst - Green Alternative

Solid (Heterogeneous) Catalysts - Green Alternative 

Large reduction in volume of toxic waste - reduced waste management costs

Simpler Product Isolation and Purification - no washings

Catalyst can be recycled and reused     

Reactivity controlled through catalyst modification 

Available Products

 Solid Acid Catalysts with varying acid strength; Oxidation Catalysts; Metal Immobilised Catalysts, Solid Base Catalysts 

  • Alcohols to aldehydes or ketones

  • Allylic Oxidation

  • Benzylic oxidation

  • Selective sulfide oxidation

  • Immobilised Precious Metal Catalysts

  • ​Solid Base Catalysts

Acid Catalysed Reaction, some examples

Oxidation Reactions & Other Catalysts

  • Esterification, trans esterification, 

  • ​Condensation, Dehydration and hydration, 

  • ​Fragmentation, Isomerisation,  Rearrangements, 

  • Cyclisation, 

  • Dehydration of sugars

  • Carbon monoxide or formic acid to alkenes 

  • Alkylation & Acylation of aromatic compounds 

Cost Effective and Efficient Process achieving desired Purity and Environmental Targets

> 99% Removal (< 1 ppm) removal from Product, Process and Waste Streams

Expert guidance and support to quickly determine Scavenger-Solution for Target Application

High Purity Scavengers - No Loss of High Value Product or Introduction of Impurities

High Target Capacity and Selectivity

High Recovery from Loaded Scavenger for High Value Financial Return

Extensive Product Portfolio for all Metal & Organic Targets

Low Cost Equipment & Processes for straightforward incorporation into existing Plant Processes - simple operation with low maintenance

Significant concentration of Precious Metal/Gold/Target to smaller volume for Transport and Recovery

Benefits of Scavenger-Solutions include:

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