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Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions

High Performance Cost Effective High Value Return

Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions

Uses Market Leading Si-Novation Technology

Cost Effective Scavenger-Solutions for:

Product Purification to meet performance and regulatory purity requirements

Precious Metal Recovery, Metal Removal, Mining & Refining from Product, Process & Waste Streams for selective Value & Metal Recovery 

Environmental Benefits - remove toxic metals and organics to well below regulatory requirements

Solid Catalysis - recycle catalysts and reduce toxic waste 


Next Generation Materials designed for High Performance

  • New Products including

      3-Mercaptopropyl Silica (MMS-10)


  • Scavengers - Metals

  • Scavengers - Organics

  • Solid Catalysts

  • Kits and Samples

  • Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

  • Application Testing Guides

  • Application News

Scavengers - Product Offers

Si-Novation Scavenger-Solutions for:

  • Rh Value & Metal Recovery (MMT-2,

       SAM-12, SAM-15)  Rh capture from       

       Product, Process & Waste Streams and

       Rhodium Recovery from Used Scavenger

  • High Value Product Purification (MMT-2, SAM-27, MMS-12) achieves Regulatory Purity Requirements with significant Process Cost savings

  • Pd Recovery & Product Purification

       (MMS-12) Optimal Functional Group     

        structure for cost performance with very            high Pd loading on Scavenger

  • Technology Overview

  • Benefits & Advantage

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